Netherlands Embassy in Colombo, Sri Lanka

ORIO grant facility is open for 2012

ORIO is a grant facility for infrastructure development, financed by the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs that supports governments in developing countries in their efforts to create major infrastructure in partnership with the (international) business community.

Applicants may apply for a grant until 31 August 2012, or until the budget for 2012 has been exhausted. Projects will be taken into consideration on a 'first come, first served' basis. Projects from all infrastructure sectors (water, environment, energy, transport, ICT, social services and civil works) in each country on the ORIO country list may be eligible for an ORIO grant.

 Projects will be assessed on formal administrative requirements first. In case a project does not meet the formal administrative requirements, the applicant can restore or complement the proposal. However, it will not hold its ranking position regarding 'first come, first served'. Projects that meet these requirements are then assessed on formal substantive requirements.

Applications that fulfill all formal requirements are subsequently assessed on the basis of 5 criteria: relevance, effectiveness, impact, efficiency and sustainability. A project can score either 'sufficient' or 'insufficient' on each criterion. In order to be eligible for an ORIO grant, a project should score 'sufficient' on each individual criterion. The assessment procedure will not differ very much: ORIO will still invite the applicant for a meeting to discuss the project, either in The Hague or via teleconference, and will still involve, amongst others, the Dutch Embassy and external experts in the appraisal process.

The ORIO policy rules of 2012 are currently available on the publication page of our website An ORIO manual with an explanation of the policy rules and the new ORIO Application Form is published on the website as well. Just as the policy rules, the manual will be published in five languages (Dutch, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese), the Application Form only in English.

It remains possible to have an ORIO project consultant to assess whether a project idea would possibly fit ORIO, by filling out the Intake Form which is available on the publication page as well. This can be done throughout the year.

Should you have any questions or need more information regarding the new policy rules or the upcoming application period, please do not hesitate to contact us.